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  • Medical Conditions
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  • Your Body Needs you.

    Getting the nutrients your body needs is essential no matter
    what your age or lifestyle. Whether you are living with
    illness, recovering from surgery, or simply wish
    to enhance your everyday nutrition,
    Ensure® can help you.

  • Enrich your meals.

    Ensure® is not only for drinking, it’s also for cooking!
    Try one of our many delicious recipes! Adding Ensure®
    is a great way to eat your favourite dishes and enjoy
    the benefits of a healthy nutrition with every meal.

  • Join the Club.

    The Ensure® Club offers members exclusive benefits such as
    reliable, credible nutrition information, meal planning
    suggestions, and tips from our nutrition experts
    to help you meet your nutrition goals.
    It's free to join!

Find the Ensure® productthat fits your needs

Ensure®, the #1 doctor-recommended meal
replacement, provides nutrition to help you
maintain the lifestyle that matters most to you.

With 26 essential vitamins and minerals,
Ensure® Regular has something for everyone,
whether you’re looking for a little extra nutrition,
recovering from a medical event, or simply
want help to keep your health at its best.

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ENSURE® High Protein

With 28% more protein than Ensure® Regular,
Ensure® High Protein can help with recovery
after surgery by providing extra protein and energy.
It can also be used as a convenient post-exercise drink.

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Did you know that most Canadians don’t get
enough fibre? Ensure® scFOS Fibre has all
the benefits of Ensure® Regular, plus 3 g of
scFOS fibre per bottle. ScFOS have
prebiotic properties to help maintain
a healthy digestive system1, 2.

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ENSURE® Plus Calories

When you need to jumpstart your energy
levels, turn to Ensure® Plus Calories. With 50%
more protein and 120 more calories per bottle
than Ensure® Regular, it can help you maintain
or gain weight and increase your energy intake.

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† scFOS : short-chain fructooligosaccharides. Meal replacement category. 1Bouhnik Y et al. Nutr J 2006;5(8):1-6. 2Paineau et al. Br J Nutr 2008;99:311–8.

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