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Getting proper nutrition isn’t always easy. For times when you need help getting the nutrition you need, there’s Ensure®. Ensure® is a family of nutritional supplements that is recommended by health care professionals for a variety of reasons, whether you have a medical condition, are getting older, or need to fuel your active lifestyle.

Packed with protein, calories and 26 vitamins and minerals, Ensure® provides high quality nutrition and can be used as a meal replacement or a snack to help you achieve your health goals, no matter what they are!

Find the Ensure® product that’s right for you!

Ensure® Regular
Ensure<sup>®</sup> Regular can help you get the calories and nutrients you need without filling you up.
Ensure® High Protein
Ensure<sup>®</sup> High Protein offers complete, balanced nutrition in a variety of delicious flavours.
Ensure® Fibre
All Ensure<sup>®</sup> products are gluten-free.
Ensure® Plus Calories
Ensure<sup>®</sup> Plus Calories can help manage cancer-related fatigue caused by a decrease in energy intake.
Ensure® scFOS Fibre
All Ensure<sup>®</sup> products are gluten-free.