Constipation is a common but controllable symptom for many people. Medications, stress, a low-fibre diet, dehydration, and lack of physical activity are all causes of constipation.

Contrary to popular belief, constipation is not caused by any one food in particular. You can continue to enjoy a balanced diet.

If you have constipation, talk to your doctor. Along with offering advice on how to manage it properly, he or she may recommend additional tests or treatment adjustments.

Some of the following constipation remedies may also help:

  • Drink more liquids.
  • Ask your doctor about your medication if you think it’s causing problems. He or she may recommend a different option.
  • Increase your physical activity if possible.
  • Include more healthy fibre-rich foods in your diet. Whole-grain cereals and breads, and fruits and vegetables are good choices. Ensure® Advance can also help with 3 g of scFOS* fibre per bottle; it can be used as a meal replacement or as a snack.
* scFOS: short-chain fructooligosaccharides

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Healthy apple muffin recipe made with Butter Pecan Ensure® Regular

Apple Pecan Muffins Recipe

By the taste of these muffins, you will not believe that they have 4 grams of fibre and less than a quarter of the calories and fat of a typical store-bought muffin.

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* From a survey of 1,038 independent-living adults aged 50+ who added 1 serving of Ensure® Protein Max 30 g per day for at least 5 days over a 2-week period, compared to control group (p<0.0001).

Canadian formulation is similar to the one used in the survey. Applies to Chocolate and Vanilla flavours.

† Compared to one serving (235 mL) of Ensure® Regular.
‡ Per 330-mL serving.

§ Brand of oral nutritional supplements.

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