Exercise and healthy nutrition go hand in hand. But you don’t have to go hard-core to get the benefits of physical fitness. The trick to getting — and staying — in shape is to plan for it.

Think in terms of what’s right for you and what you can realistically achieve with your schedule, lifestyle, and health status. Writing down your fitness goals and a workout plan gives you a better chance of making them happen. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Do you prefer to exercise alone?

Some do, enjoying the quiet time to recharge. Others enjoy the accountability of a workout partner. Or you may need a fun fitness program such as dancersize to hold your interest.

When are you most likely to work out?

Mornings, lunchtime, evenings, weekends: figure out what works best for you and feel free to mix it up.

How often would you like to exercise every week?

For example, if you know it’s 3 days a week, create a plan of exercises you’d like to do each session.

But what about days when you’re not feeling particularly motivated? Try to do some cardio fitness, even if it’s taking a quick stroll around the block. And if you slack off for a few days? Don’t beat yourself up. Fitness schedules are meant to be flexible, not rigid, and it’s the consistency that counts.

Remember — if you’re out of shape or have health issues, always speak to your doctor before starting a fitness program.

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