A long recovery ahead?
Don’t fall short on nutrition

With any illness or surgery, your body needs more nutrition than usual to help with your healing and overall recovery. Unfortunately, it’s often during those times when you really need to eat well that you just can’t.

You may be too exhausted to cook meals let alone go grocery shopping. Food may taste or smell different, or make you nauseous. Your body may not be able to utilize nutrients like it once did. But being low on nutrition may put you at a higher risk for infections and complications — and it could take you longer to recover.

Adding Ensure® to your diet is a convenient way to help you get those much-needed nutrients. It can be used as a snack, a dessert, in recipes, or as a meal replacement in appropriate amounts. If involuntary weight loss is a problem, as it often is during an illness, consider Ensure® Plus Calories, which provides 355 calories and 14 g of protein per bottle.

No matter what kind of condition you’re coping with, good nutrition is essential to optimize healing. Remember — each mouthful counts during an illness or recovery. Adding Ensure® to your diet can help you get the most out of every mouthful.

    • Preparing for surgery

      Eating a healthy, balanced diet before your operation is really important.

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    • Recommended nutrition before surgery and tips using Ensure®
    • Recovering from surgery

      Even if you think you are eating enough following surgery, you’re most likely not. Why? Because your body requires extra energy and nutrients to recover.

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    • Post surgery foods for recovery after surgery including eggs, chicken & soup
    • Medications and nutrition

      Taking medications can affect your appetite. It is important to prevent weight loss as this can affect your recovery.

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    • How to avoid medication side effects and interactions using Ensure®
    • Eating well during cancer treatments

      Your body uses up more energy than usual during cancer treatments. Getting adequate nutrition can help you feel better.

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    • Information on nutrition during cancer treatment with Ensure®
    • Managing constipation

      Constipation is a common but controllable symptom for many people. Medications, stress, a low-fibre diet, dehydration, and lack of physical activity are all causes of constipation.

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    • How to treat constipation with proper nutrition management using fibre
    • Coping with nausea and vomiting

      Although you should never force yourself to eat when you’re feeling nauseous, it’s important to eat regularly and maintain good nutrition to help prevent it.

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    • Nutritional remedies for nausea and vomitting using orange juice, soup &  Ensure®
    • Coping with the loss of taste

      Being bored with the taste of foods can lead to eating less, weight loss, and poor nutritional status — all of which can affect your recovery.

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    • Nutrition and food tips to help cope with the loss of taste
    • Flavour fatigue

      Do you ever get halfway through a meal and not want to take another bite because you’re bored of the taste?

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    • Manage flavour fatigue by adding herbs and spices to your favourite meals
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