Even if you think you are eating enough following surgery, you’re most likely not. Why? Because your body needs extra calories and protein to recover. This is why a well-balanced diet with foods high in protein is so very important.

Protein helps to build and repair body cells and reconstruct tissues. It also helps to maintain muscle mass, which can give you the energy to stay active so that you can perform your daily activities. Good foods with protein include lean meats such as chicken, turkey, pork, and seafood. Non-meat sources include nuts, eggs, legumes, and tofu. If you’re having trouble getting enough protein in your diet after surgery, consider nutritional supplements such as Ensure® High Protein, which contains 12 g of protein per bottle.

For those who have had oral or dental surgery, eating may be a challenge, and you could lose weight. But don’t look at this post-surgery weight loss as a bonus. Because this is a time when your body clearly needs energy for healing, dropping pounds can be risky and can hamper the healing process. Consider Ensure® Plus Calories. Along with increasing your protein intake, every bottle has 120 more calories than Ensure® Regular. You can also use it in all sorts of ways, from freezing it into popsicles to adding it to your morning coffee instead of milk.

Remember — always consult a doctor if you experience involuntary weight loss.

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Healthy mixed berry smoothie recipe made with Vanilla Ensure® Regular

Berry Smoothie Recipe

Blend your favourite Ensure® and yogurt together to make this delicious, creamy smoothie.

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* From a survey of 1,038 independent-living adults aged 50+ who added 1 serving of Ensure® Protein Max 30 g per day for at least 5 days over a 2-week period, compared to control group (p<0.0001).

Canadian formulation is similar to the one used in the survey. Applies to Chocolate and Vanilla flavours.

† Compared to one serving (235 mL) of Ensure® Regular.
‡ Per 330-mL serving.

§ Brand of oral nutritional supplements.

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